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Button Pics are created by Ann who lives with her family in the wonderful seaside village of Donabate North County Dublin.

Ann started making pictures for her own home then for family and friends.  Soon people started asking for pictures and (with a bit of gentle pursuasion) Ann created Button Pics.

"The first picture I made with buttons was the 'Blossom where you're planted' pic and that was in memory of my Mam, Eileen who lived by this saying. I love having the pic on my wall to remind me of her."

Experimenting with other ideas such as the button feet and hearts allowed Ann to develop her unique style and expand her range of Button Pics.



 "The inspirational pics are created from positive quotes I come across and then I design & develop a button image for them.  I have pics all over my home & I find them inspiring and uplifting."

While Ann sources her frames and paper from Irish suppliers, she sources buttons and embellishments from all over the world and has even been known to buy clothes just to take the buttons off for use in her pictures!

"I love creating Button Pics.  Also, it makes me very happy when I get feedback from people who have received a Button Pic and tell me it has pride of place in their home - what greater reward is there?"


ButtonPics has pledged support to #ChampionGreen.

Support local to lift us all.

For more information and to sign up see

 Did you know?

Button Pics only use quality Irish made solid wood frames for each pic.  

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