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Christmas Gift Inspiration

Looking for ideas for Christmas gifts?  Here is a selection of pics to help you select great gifts this festive season.   


For Mammy:

Mam, Mammy, Mother, Ma, Mum..... The woman who does so much for everyone, has probably been organising her Christmas list since August!.  She is always there when you need her and says she needs 'nothing' as a present.  You want to give her a gift that shows how much you appreciate and love her.  Here's some of my most popular pics.  Each pic can be personalised with your own details at no extra cost.  Click on a pic for more info and details on how to order.

Female Friends

Female friendship is an amazing thing.  If you are lucky, you have more than one close female friend; a person who who has your back and is ready for a laugh or a cry (or both!) whichever the situation calls for.  What do you get this wonderful woman to show her how much you value her friendship and kindness?  These pictures capture and celebrate the joy of friendship and make lovely thoughtful gifts to be treasured for years to come.

Family Gifts

What on earth do you get your gorgeous Granny, your cousin, your Aunty?  These people already have a ton of stuff and chocs or bath salts just won't cut it.  These gifts are perfect:

The Office Kris-Kindle

The annual office kris-kindle used to make me break out in a sweat; getting something for someone in work whose name you picked from a hat.  My advice?  Forget being funny, you want to give something not too pricey but decent and also ensure that you don't offend anyone.  Here's some ideas (you're welcome!).

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