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(These are a) Few of My Favorite Things...

Is it me, or has Christmas come REALLY early this year? I know, we say that each year but the TV ads (which started before we'd taken the Halloween decorations down), are already getting on my nerves! Maybe its because it creates that slightly panicky feeling of 'what do I get everyone?!' . This year, I'm ahead of myself and have started my festive shopping - only because of my recent operation-forced-rest: I've had a lot of time to scan the internet and clicking 'add to cart' was often the highlight of dull days.

For those of you who haven't had this luxury I thought I'd share some lovely Irish Festive gifting ideas I've come across. Or, maybe as a nice something for yourself, sure g'wan you know you're worth it! Links to all sites/pages are in green below.

Candles - Tealightful | Facebook

Not any ole' candles - these beauties are made using vintage tea sets. Having bought a few of these myself I can testify that they are really beautiful and look gorgeous at night when lit.

There are lots of different designs and colours to choose from as well as cute cake stands.

Luxury Bathing: Milk Bath –

I came across this brand last year and have been hooked ever since. Milk Bath is the brain-child of Sandy, a fellow north county Dubliner. Using natural ingredients she crafts wonderful bespoke Milk Bath products to help alleviate stress and create a calm sacred space in your own home. There are lots of lovely things to buy for yourself, sorry, ahem, I mean buy as gifts for others.

Ceramics: Christmas Decorations – Page 2 – ADELLE CULLY CERAMICS

Another talented local lady, Adelle makes beautiful ceramics in her home near the beach. Her work ranges from lovely bowls and platters to abstract art pieces and seasonal favorites such as her tree decorations.

For sea swimmers, she has a fun range of tree decorations that would make a stocking filler for any water baby!

Jewelry: Shop online — Margaret Walsh Jewelry I especially love silver jewelry. I recently discovered this woman's stunning work and think they would make beautiful gifts that are elegant and timeless.

I particularly like the sentiment of the hugs and kisses necklace - cuteness!

Fancy Tea-towels: Ciara Lee Designs -

Shoutout to another local lady! I love Ciara's funky designs of Donabate, Dublin city and Galway.

Ciara sells on a number of platforms including Market Street (link above) and

Framed Gifts: Christmas Gift Ideas! | Button Pics

I spent a bit of time creating a page with Christmas gift ideas for Button Pics - some old favorites and some new pics there too. Happy browsing!

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