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Your Thoughts

The Roman emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius wrote this almost 2,000 years ago but it remains true and more relevant in todays modern world.

Today is World Mental Health Day and it’s as good a time as any to reflect on our thoughts and how they shape and create our lives and experiences.

I believe that everything begins with a thought; moods, feelings, words expressed, behaviours and actions, creations, innovations, work and products created, family, relationships and so on. What we think brings things into being. Therefore it makes sense that if our thoughts are constructive and positive the world we create for ourselves will be better.

It doesn’t mean that all the difficult life-stuff won’t happen or we won’t feel sadness or pain but our responses will be stronger, more balanced and resilient. Our empathy & understanding for Ourselves & others will expand.

So, today, examine your thoughts & see are they supporting you and your mental health? How are your ordinary thoughts influencing your current mood, your viewpoint, your perception of your life & your interactions with others? its your mind, your thoughts - you can change them. #healthymind #worldmentalhealthday #mhi

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