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Perfect gift for your friends (or for yourself!).  In this busy world it can be easy to get caught up and distracted with your mind running on overdrive.  A simple technique I use to slow down and chill out is to consider things I am grateful for.   It doesn't have to be something big, just the small things that I'm glad to have.


This Button Pic is made to inspire and assist you to practice gratitude by suggesting things to think of.  Handmade with pretty papercraft and buttons, the suggestions are:


           Find Something That…..

                   Makes you smile

                   Is interesting to look at

                  Contains your favourite colour

                  Sounds beautiful

                  Would make a friend happy

                  Feels soft to touch

                  Is shaped like a heart

                  Smells amazing


Currently this pic is made in a limited edition background of floral backgrounds (see photos).  

Framed in a white wood box frame with glass front.


Note: Each picture is unique; colours shown in pictures are examples.  

Little Pic: Gratitude Practice

  • Please remember each picture is handmade and unique and cannot be exactly as shown above.  If you have a preference for a particular colour theme, please specify when ordering.


    Size: 16cm x 21cm x 3cm

    Care: clean with a soft cloth

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