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What to get someone on their 'significant' birthday?  How about a specially crafted Button Pic?  The milestone birthday (e.g. 21, 40, 50) is surrounded by embellishments relevant to the recipient (e.g. interested in books, fashion, music, gardening, animals, has 3 children etc etc).  The pic is further personalised with the recipients name, birthday details and a special message if required. 

Beautiful handcrafted picture made with papercraft, embellishments and buttons.  Framed in a beautiful white wood box frame.

In order to make this pic as special as possible please detail your requirements when ordering (e.g. name, birthday, any special hobbies or interests, message etc).

Birthday Scatter Heart

  • Size: 25cm x 25cm x 5cm

    Care: clean with a soft cloth.

    Please remember each picture is handmade and unique and while it will be similar it cannot be exactly as shown above. 

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